Thursday, October 9, 2014

{31 for 21} If You Don't Have a Child with Down Syndrome

I know that most of my readers found this blog because….
a) we "met" when I was pregnant through the Down syndrome pregnancy group on Babycenter
b) they have a child with Down syndrome and needed information, and google sent them my way, or
c) they are related to me.

But there are others who don't have a child with Down syndrome directly in their lives, who have discovered this blog through other means.

Please stick around this month.

You see, preaching to the choir isn't that effective.  The point of this month is to reach out.  So this month, please do something to show you value people who are different from you.  Teach your kids about disability and how having a disability is okay.  Help out with Special Olympics or Best Buddies. Ask your employer to pursue hiring individuals with disabilities.

Sharing cute pictures is awesome.  Those cute photos bring hope to parents who are scared of the future, just like I was four years ago.

But take action, too.

Happy Awareness.  And Acceptance.  And Love.

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  1. I am one of those. I first got hooked on DS blogs through Noah's Dad, a few years ago, maybe from a Pro-Life site on Facebook. I wanted more and started looking at the blogs of people who commented on his and it ballooned from there. I was just really drawn to the stories and the beautiful kids. My older son has Dyspraxia (he's 28 and married now) and my sister was Dyslexic, so I have some familiarity with therapy and IEP meetings, but certainly not as intense as you have to deal with. I am also a DC area native, so even before I knew where you were located I thought those pictures of your neighborhood looked really familiar. I think my Aunt lived there for a while many, many years ago. And, Oxon Hill Farm - oh, my, the memories. I honestly thought that had gone away with all of the National Harbor construction. I grew up in Camp Springs, so my Dad used to love taking us there. My oldest got to go while they still lived there. You have a great blog and Ellie is working so hard. We found gymnastics very good for motor skills as well, followed by karate as he got a bit older. Keep up the good work. Bless you all.


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