Tuesday, October 7, 2014

{31 for 21} Budding Photographer.

I have a Nikon D3100, which is a camera nearly as big as Ellie's head.

Today, she decided to help me take some photos.

She could hardly reach the button to take the photos, but she was confident.

After our time outside, Ellie asked to take more pictures.  Unwilling to get my camera back out, I suggested some selfies.  Ellie loves selfies.

And a few more shots from today.

She posed two inches from my face while I sat on the ground.

Sign language friends - see how it looks like "I love you!"  She's really saying, "Wait there Mama.  Don't move!"

She's getting so big and tall… for Ellie.

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  1. I really like her boots. My 18 month old LOVES taking pictures and seeing them afterwards.

  2. In reference to today's post, then there's blog reader letter d.) who was friends with you BEFORE WE BOTH HAD KIDS WITH Ds. Now that's crazy. :)

    I'm just catching up on reading all these but the thing I love the most is how you said, "she's getting so big and tall…for Ellie." That is going to be my new mantra…..getting so big…for Audrey (which is still unbelievably tiny!)

    See you soon.


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