Monday, September 15, 2014


I brought my camera to our church retreat over the weekend, and I did not get it out of the case.  I took exactly four photos with my iPhone, and three are blurry.

So you're stuck with my words, written in a state of total exhaustion brought on by the first two weeks of kindergarten followed by a great retreat, then an hour at Barnes and Noble trying to finish up lesson plans, and then an attempt at grocery shopping thwarted by a completely full parking lot, followed by actual grocery shopping and lunch food prepping.

I'm tired but thankful for a retreat that focused on rest.

Some little things I want to remember…

Square dancing.  We had a square dance and laughed.  Laughter is so good for our friendships, for our souls, for a certain three year old who was NOT feeling the square dancing but ended up in the back of the gym clapping to her own rhythm.  My soul finds rest in laughter.

Ellie observations.  Looking out at the bay, I asked Ellie to tell me what she saw.  "I see a octopus!"  Her imagination is always busy.

The idea that the sign of maturity is seeing our need for God more.

The need for rest in the midst of a culture that tells us otherwise.

Watching people at church love Ellie for who she is, even if they know nothing about how Down syndrome impacts her.  Noticing a few people who went out of their way to make sure she was included.

Ellie has peace, joy and rest figured out.

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