Sunday, September 21, 2014


Fairly often, when I share Ellie stories, I hear "I hope you're writing these down."

Blogging is a great excuse to write these down.  While these quotes may seem like no big deal, for the child I worried wouldn't ever talk, they make me happy.

Ellie lately:

Me: Ellie, let's go get ice cream.  (Frozen yogurt)
Ellie: OK, with DADDY.
Me: Daddy's at work, so it's just us.
Ellie: (Rolls eyes.) And crackers?

Watching a Bookflix of Knuffle Bunny where a character wears a hat: A hat!  A CUBS hat!  
Daddy is so proud of his little Cubs fan.

Out with Christina and I, eating a quesadilla.  I took a bite: No!  No sharing Ellie's quesadilla!  That's MY quesadilla!

A couple days later, in the car: Say hi to Christina.
Me: Want me to call her?
Ellie: Text Christina.

Ellie has been charming everyone around and seems to love school.  I've been told to stand in line and sit criss cross applesauce, so I know she's hearing the rules.

Hope you're having a great weekend!  Enjoy this video of Ellie dancing at a Celtic festival last night.

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