Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Recent Favorites and Lately.

Lately: Potty training.  We are on day 2 and at about 50/50 success (nap/bedtime excluded.)  I won't write much about potty training here to keep Ellie from being super angry when she's about 13, but let's just say that in potty training, much like in life, Ellie is funny, strong willed, a little sneaky, and 100% trouble.  But funny.  Always funny.

For those of my readers who don't have their own child with Down syndrome or who have younger kids with Down syndrome, low muscle tone and communication issues tend to delay potty training a bit.  We specifically decided to wait until after summer travel, as a newly potty trained child + a road trip to Florida or a flight to Puerto Rico would be…. un-fun.

Potty training means we've been at home a lot.  Since school starts in a few weeks and I'm taking a class next week, I've been trying to get organized for fall.  Here's what I've got so far:

* After buying/washing new clothes for Ellie, I'm putting them away by outfit.  In big zip locks.  That way, Ellie can pick an outfit, but without wearing a tutu plus purple uggs plus glitter.  I hope.


Freezer meals.  I've been cooking lots of them.  These quinoa bites are a favorite.  (A favorite for Ellie and I.  I also made enchiladas because Matt is not 100% sold on quinoa.)

I'm not at all one of those super-organized moms, but I want to do what I can to have as much time as possible with my family this fall without stressing about junk like what to make for dinner.

Before we started potty training, I realized that a) Ellie hasn't been at gymnastics for almost two weeks because of vacation and b) she hasn't worn orthodics all summer.  I just put her orthodics back in her shoes, and we also practiced some climbing to make up for absolutely no physical therapy this summer.

Some fantastic links, because I've been wasting time online and not leaving my house:

A bible study for people with intellectual disabilities!

Toddler Shark Week shirts on Zulily.  I bought Ellie two last time they were offered.  I haven't purchased any more yet, but I doubt I'll be able to control myself.

Sticky9 has a big sale right now.

Lots of good posts from an author I like right here.

Tomorrow, we are getting out and headed for gymnastics.  Whoohoo!
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