Sunday, August 3, 2014

Puerto Rico, Part 2.

Our trip to Puerto Rico didn't end with San Juan.  After spending Sunday through Thursday in the Condado area, we drove out to El Yunque, the rainforest.  We spent a morning hiking.

Well, 2/3 of us hiked.  One rode.

Thanks Kelly for letting us borrow the carrier.  Ellie liked it.

At a waterfall.

Focused on her snack.

We stayed at El Conquistador, which is a resort in Fajardo.  We haven't been to a resort since our honeymoon.  Thursday and Friday we had amazing weather, with the only exception being a bit of rain Thursday evening.  We went to the pool in the rain and Ellie laughed nonstop the entire time.

Counting the tiles.

Wake up head.

To get to the beach, you take a tram down to the waterfront and then take a boat to the beach.

The view.
I'd planned to bring my "real camera" to the island beach on Saturday, but Tropical Storm Bertha arrived and we spent Saturday morning drinking coffee in the hotel lobby and sitting on the balcony watching the rain.  I do have my little Flipagram video of the whole trip with some of my phone photos.  (Warning: It plays music.)

We tried to eat at "non-hotel" restaurants as often as possible, and our favorite was a little taco shack in Fajardo.  I am a big believer in eating fish tacos within sight of the ocean, and we weren't disappointed. Ellie fell in love with the empanadas, and the family who runs the place was great.

At El Rincon Familiar.

The waterfront park in Fajardo is full of bright colors.

Kayaks launch here for bio bay tours.  We didn't attempt a tour with Ellie.

The playground was all pirate ships.

Some other random vacation fun:

Ellie survived with no toys, three books and one TV show for a whole week.

She started making more connections in conversation and remembering (or at least sharing) more of conversations.

She was highly disturbed when I told her one of my colleagues (who is familiar to her as a teacher in her hallway) is from Puerto Rico, because of course, teachers live at school.

Ellie did not find any sharks or dolphins.  She did attempt to hug an iguana, which I almost tripped over.

And I really am looking forward to a return to Puerto Rico.
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