Monday, August 4, 2014

Odds and Ends.

This post is just some odds and ends, wrapping up a few thoughts from the previous week or two and sharing some great information.

Down syndrome and Puerto Rico.  

I'm not sure if Puerto Ricans are exceptionally friendly to all children, to kids with Down syndrome, to little blonde girls running around yelling "Hola!" or if we just got lucky, but we witnessed Ellie getting some great treatment on vacation.

We got to pre-board in San Juan without question in order to get her carseat set up.  She scored a free kayak ride.  She scored free mango.  Every person she approached treated her with kindness, and she approached a LOT of people.

Also, while we fed pigeons in a park, I noticed a boy noticing Ellie.  He was an American, maybe between 8 and 10.  I noticed him walk up to his parents and whisper something.  He wasn't rude at all, and he didn't know I was watching him.

A few moments later, his parents came over to say hi, with his sister - who has Down syndrome.  They were sweet as can be and his sister was stunning.  I was impressed by the fact that he took the time to notice and that he was subtle.  Matt and I walked away from the encounter with big smiles on our faces.

A great cause.

Check out this Facebook event.  Infinity scarves, $20 plus PayPal fee, and the proceeds to a family stuck in the adoption process - their daughter is legal theirs, but they can't leave the DRC with her.  Heartbreaking.

Sample scarves.

My friend Stacey has set up the fundraiser, and she makes fantastic stuff.  Remember this dress?

Seeking organization tips.

Help.  I have this grand plan of being more organized in the fall.  I'll take any fantastic organizational tips you've got!  So far, I'm trying to put Ellie's clothes together by outfit, cook some meals ahead to freeze, and get rid of all the extra junk in our house.

So the bottom line?  I love Puerto Rico.  Buy a scarf.  And hey, if you buy a scarf, you are helping get pre-organized, because you can use it as a Christmas gift!

Also, Ellie has grown up a LOT in the past year.
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  1. When we were in Mexico nearly 2 years ago now for Thanksgiving, we got such wonderful treatment from the entire staff. They came over every chance they got to say hi to Owen. I was never sure if it was Down syndrome or just his very friendly personality, but they never said anything either way, so we just enjoyed it. :) Puerto Rico is on my list of places to visit!

  2. I loved this post very much. I would buy a scarf but we are going on vacation next week and I have 0$ to spend this week. Seriously. $0.00. Wish me luck!


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