Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fair of Fear.

Our county has a pretty urban feel, but we still have a county fair.

Because we are kind and loving parents, Matt and I thought we would bring our child to the county fair for some fun.

Things started out okay.  Ellie met some cows.  We watched some pig races.  She had mixed feelings about a bounce house (but the bounce house was about 7 million degrees.)  We ate a smoothie.

Ellie's "HI COWS!  COWS EAT GRASS!  YUMMY!" face.

And then, foolishly, we bought tickets for our little darling to ride the train.

See, Matt and I had this crazy idea that Ellie might find a ride fun.  We were very, very wrong.

The train was pretty gentle, as in, have a smoothie on the train gentle.

Things seemed okay while waiting.

And then the train moved.

And Matt had to keep Ellie from climbing out of the train.  She tried more than once.

Since Ellie thought the train should be named "El Tren de la Muerte," we took some time to visit the inside vendors.  We thought that some air conditioning might calm Ellie down a bit.  She laughed, scored herself two free wands and a free balloon, and made friends with a parrot.  (A local bank had someone dressed in a parrot suit.  Ellie asked the parrot to pick her up.)

And then, we realized we had a few tickets left.  Now that Ellie was cooled off, surely the "ride a nice worm around in a circle ride" would be fun, right?




Oh, and Mom, chill.  She's totally fine.
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  1. Oh no. Poor bebe. I guess you just never know how they will react to something new like that. I'm sure she'll come around.

  2. Awww Ellie! She's so cute! Maybe she'll be ready next year!!?


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