Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Snippets from Florida.

Ellie worked it.

At the Naples Farmers Market, she managed to earn herself two free bagels and a mango just for being friendly toward the vendors.

Thunder and lightning.

We got thundered out of a water park, and lost power that night.  Despite the loud thunder, flashing lights, intermittent air conditioner, and neighbors lighting fireworks, Ellie slept like a rock.  She even slept in the next morning, something unheard of around here.

Photo credit: Matt, who flew down to join us for a few days.


The little girl who would hardly touch the water when our pool opened over Memorial Day weekend likes swimming in the ocean, as long as Mommy and Daddy keep our hands on her.  She lays in the shallow water and laughs uncontrollably.

Bedtime stories.

I told Ellie to lay her head on her pillow and I'd tell her a story.  Ellie decided that was not acceptable.  "No!  Ellie tell story!  Lay down!"  Her story went like this: "A princess.  Knock knock knock.  Open the door.  Blink blink!"  (There were hand motions for the blink-blink.)


Matt loves birds.  Ellie liked the birds too.  I liked the dolphins more.

Rainy play.

Rain is normal in Florida this time of year, but we took a trek to the pier anyway.  Ellie was totally content and she even did some splashing in puddles around the house.


But she still misses school…. she's been singing Ellie's version of the clean up song. (Clean up, clean up, everybody do a cheer!) and singing "Where is Ellie?  Where is Ellie? She at SCHOOL!  Yay!  Hi fwiends at school today!"

Sorry kiddo.  Hopefully the beach is a decent substitute.

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  1. Seems like she really enjoyed herself. Hope you all had a chance to recharge your batteries!


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