Thursday, July 31, 2014

Puerto Rico.

We took a family vacation to Puerto Rico.

Some highlights from San Juan and the surrounding areas:

Ellie loves every stray cat on the streets of Old San Juan, and won't stop talking about "beautiful cats!"  She also loves Puerto Rican food and has impressed more than one server with the amount she consumes.

A beautiful cat.

At some point prior to our departure, Ellie decided she would be hugging a dolphin and seeing elephants in Puerto Rico.  She has not hugged a dolphin or seen an elephant on vacation.  She has, however, attempted to hug a turkey and several pigeons.

Parque de las Palomas.

Las palomas en el parque.

Ellie is eyeing my pina colada and calling it a "smoothie snack."  Mommy won't share.

We went to Cavernas del Rio Camuy (caverns) and Ellie informed us that it was dark.  Matt and I loved the caverns and the drive there from San Juan was beautiful.  Afterward, we drove around and found a park and a beach to let Ellie run around after being confined to the stroller for the cavern tour.

We found the fountain of youth.

We spent lots of time at the pool, relaxing, exploring cool old forts, and even reading on the beach.

The one non-iphone selfie of the three of us.  I have hair in my face.  Ellie's listening ears are turned off.  At least Matt looks okay.

I'm sure I'll be overloading you all with even more photos soon.  Thanks for indulging me and giving me a place to share our fun.
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  1. Thanks so much for sharing! I am hoping Brian and I can take a trip to Puerto Rico this January for my birthday. I might be emailing you for some suggestions if our travel plans work out!

    I love that second shot of you and Ellie. It sounds like you guys had a wonderful vacation!

  2. AWESOME! I am from PR and we are going to visit next week! So excited! Glad Ellie loved it!

  3. Hi, these are beautiful pictures and I must say I'm a bit jealous at such a fabulous vacation! That's the dream!

    Early in the post you mentioned your daughter impressed some servers by how much she eats. My daughter has down syndrome also and she is 12 years old now. She can also out eat out entire family if we let her! Starting at around 5 years old she would raid the fridge and eat whatever she could get her hands on. This type of gorging has continued and now she will sneak out of bed at night and find her favorite snacks (ice cream, jar of peanut butter, loaf of bread ect), take it to her room, eat all or most of it, then try to hide the mess. Also she generally is "always hungry" even if we just finished a big meal.

    All this to say, I know that your daughter is still very young, but my husband and I haven't been able to figure out if our daughter's eating habits are related to down syndrome or something else. We just started some behavioral therapy with her because we just don't know what to do at this point.

    Anyways, sorry if this was TMI. Your daughter is adorable and I love the family photo. Candid moments are the best!


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