Sunday, July 6, 2014

Breaks from the Norm and Development.

Our church goes on a retreat each year to create space, to get away, to build relationships, and to prepare for the year ahead.  Getting away from the norms of life helps us readjust to be better when we return.

When breaks occur in the school year, I have time to reflect on my teaching practice and return with new ideas.

And yet each time Ellie goes on vacation and takes the time to integrate new skills into her daily routine, I'm shocked.

This trip is no exception.

"Mommy, I find-ed a shell!"

She plays on the beach doing her entire gymnastics warm up, including planks.

For two days, she talked about a hippopotamus, leaving me in utter confusion, until I realized a hotel along the road to the beach featured a hippo statue outside.

She runs up and down the beach and runs into the shallow water.

The first time we came here, less than a year ago, she was barely walking.  Two word combinations were a big deal.

Now, we hear Ellie's version of her school attendance song from the backseat:

Where is car?  Where is car?  In the STREET!  In the STREET!
Where is shoe?  Where is shoe?  In the FOOT!  In the FOOT!
Where is Ellie?  Where is Ellie?  In the CAR!  In the CAR!

She just interrupted me to hand me cereal she dropped in her chair while eating.

"I lost the cereal.  Gross.  Put in the bowl."

And all of those things make me proud, but none compare to the total joy I see in Ellie at the beach.

Unless there are fireworks.  She sobbed uncontrollably at the loud (setting off car alarm loud, in her defense) fireworks and we had to leave because she was terrified.

(No tripod, and sobbing child.  Pretty excited to get this shot!)

Some other scenes from the Fourth of July:

Ellie loves her shoes.

Parade float.


Here's hoping you had a wonderful time celebrating Independence Day and that those on summer break are enjoying themselves and taking time to reboot for the upcoming year.

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  1. Kids need the ocean! We head to Tofino this coming week and I can't wait. Great pictures, what a doll.

  2. That firework shot is amazing! I didn't even attempt to take photos during ours, but seeing yours makes me wish I had! So happy to hear you guys had a great week in Naples and that Ellie is thriving at the beach. Your pictures capture her joy so well!

    Hopefully sometime we will be able to meet up. I would love to meet you two!


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