Saturday, June 7, 2014

Weekend Joy {Video Included}.

Yesterday, while I was sitting in the parent balcony watching my little gymnast, I received an email from my neighbor with this video of Ellie demonstrating her flamenco skills.  The video is from last weekend.

Ellie had a great gymnastics class and even attempted the bars and rings.

Post class shadow play.

Pre-class mirror dance.

Running like a jaguar.  Of course.

I have posted this before, but I will share again: I am so thankful for our county's Therapeutic Recreation department.  Ellie has a 1:1 aide in her gymnastics class to help her with directions and keep her on track.  She gets to interact with her typical peers and develop new skills.  Yesterday, her physical therapist and I were chatting and she told me how much Ellie's skills have improved, and I have to think gymnastics is part of the growth.

A year ago, she was just learning to walk, and was still bear crawling as her primary mode of locomotion.

Ellie's vocabulary is exploding and she's cracking us up daily.  She's constantly requesting things like "pretty toenails" (a pedicure) or "I wear bathing suit.  I pink giraffe."

Splish Splash.  (You can follow on Instagram: @meganlando)

Another random weekend joy?  After a long week, Ellie and I pulled up to the house from gymnastics yesterday as my phone rang.  My neighbor had made us tortilla de patatas for dinner.  It's delicious and probably one of Matt's favorite foods.

Happy weekend.  Ten more days of school.

What's bringing you joy?
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