Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day - For the New Mamas.

I know that many of my blog readers are pregnant mamas anticipating the birth of their child with Down syndrome, or mamas who have a new little one with Down syndrome.

Usually for Mother's Day, I write a post for the moms in my life - all of Ellie's grandmas!  This year, I wanted to reach out to the moms who are waiting and scared.

The fear gets better.  You will not always worry about Down syndrome.  It will fade into a part of your child, not the primary focus of your life.  You probably will not always stress about medical issues, and even if you do, you will become comfortable even with that.

You will have a good life.  Were you happy before you had your baby?  You probably will be happy again.  You may need to work hard to make time to do what you love, but that's true with any child.

Eventually, your baby will do the things you dreamed of…. and some other things that make him or her their own person.  Right now for me, it's a little girl screaming "Yay!  Waffles!"" as she helps Daddy cook.  It's a little girl who requests pretty toenails and tells me how pretty her glasses look on everyone but her.

OK, I'll add a grandma picture!

Yesterday at the park, I watched Ellie play with her classmates.  They laughed and went on the slide and I heard one little boy demand "Ellie! Hold my hand!"  "OK!"

It gets better.  It gets good.  There may be surgeries and there may be scary moments, but life will be good again.

Another grandma picture.  Just' cause.

You will celebrate small things…. walking up stairs, putting four words together, using a new word (Ellie just told Daddy that a ring was "poisonous!" and she wouldn't wear it), or singing a new song.

And you will laugh.


Happy Mother's Day.


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