Sunday, May 18, 2014

Happiness Lately.

Some things bringing me happiness lately, in no particular order:

* This season of running, despite lackluster training, has yielded good results.  In the last two months, I've placed second in my age group for 5K, third (out of five) in a marathon, and now fourth in a 5K.  The best thing about the latest race is that three of the little girls I help coach placed in the kids' division.  I'm so proud of them.  Matt and Ellie came to cheer.

* I saw two old friends and their significant others for dinner on a Thursday night and we spent time laughing together, and just being together.  There's something comforting about friendships that pick back up and grow to include our spouses/kid/girlfriend/etc.

* Matt and Ellie are on a camping trip.  Hopefully more on that soon.  I love that they are spending this fun time together.  I used my extra time to get all of Ellie's toys organized and cleaned up, to go through old clothes, and to get a few little things like that accomplished.  Not glamourous or fun, but absolutely needed going into the final month of school.  (24 days, in case you were wondering.)

* Sunshine after what felt like an extra-long winter.

* My new lens (my Mother's Day/Birthday gift) arrives on Tuesday, and I'm anticipating my camera coming back out from winter hibernation.

* The pool opens on Saturday, and I've been excited watching it filled, seeing the chairs appear around it, and knowing that soon, all the neighborhood kids will be splashing and laughing.

* And coffee.  Because coffee is great.
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