Saturday, May 3, 2014

Gymnastics and Inclusion.

Ellie recently turned three, aging her out of our county's "Tumbling for Tots" (a parent-support-required style class) and putting her squarely into the "Tumbling for 3s" zone.  Tumbling for 3s is a class without Mommy or Daddy right there.  It requires listening ears and stair climbing.

There's an adapted gymnastics class, which is similar to the toddler class.  We've taken the toddler class twice, so that wasn't an option.

Based on Ellie's needs, an extra coach, just for Ellie, was assigned to her three-year old class.  Her regular coach is proficient in sign, far more so than our family.  Her extra coach wants to be a special education teacher.

Ellie was a little lost during class (as she often is in large groups) but she was kept on track, she tried almost every activity, and she looked so proud.  After a full week at school, awful allergies, and a bad reflux episode the day prior, I was amazed she didn't just roll over and fall asleep.

Post gymnastics selfie.

She loves the water fountain at gymnastics because it has a two-step stool so she can reach it.

Ellie's class is back left.

Yay for Ellie!
Yay for inclusion opportunities!
Yay for weekends!

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  1. Yay Ellie! I am so happy to hear you found a great setting for her to learn gymnastics in! Looking forward to hearing more updates about it!

  2. This is great! Gives me hope that my little man can and will be involved in all sorts of sport groups and activities with his peers. Good work Ellie!


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