Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring Break. {Ellie Guest Post.}

For this guest post, Ellie told me about the photos.

 "Okay!  Ellie sand!"

"Ellie bow."

"The sunset!"

"Ellie.  And mom-mom."  (I took the photo.)

"A duck!" (Um, no.)

"Giraffe! I giraffe food."

"Bucket!  Build…yeah… castle!  Ellie!"

"Dad.  Mama.  Ellie!"

"Shovel!  Shovel, shovel!  Scoop it."

"A friend." (Note: Friend's mama blogs here.)

* This is where Ellie stopped telling me about pictures.  I tried pulling them up on my phone, and she kept sliding through all the pictures super fast.  So enjoy the rest of our vacation without Ellie narration for a bit.  She is instead sharing about our Easter egg hunt, not pictured here.  You're now stuck with Megan's version of events.

We went to the swamp so Matt could see birds.  Ellie was unimpressed.  I was pretty sure an alligator was going to jump up onto the boardwalk and eat me.

This alligator was at least headed away from me, maybe to go eat someone else.  He had a friend giving me shifty eyes.  I didn't stick around to take photos of that one.

Matt isn't home right now, so I'm not going to tell you about this bird.  I'll get it wrong.

This alligator was little, so I didn't think he'd eat me.

One night, Matt offered to make salmon for dinner.  After I bought the ingredients, he asked me, "How do you make pan seared salmon?"  He googled it, and he managed a pretty tasty meal!


Ellie played her favorite "freeze dance" game on the beach constantly.


Ellie threw all the sand dollars back into the water.

Final Ellie quote: "A snowman!" At the museum where she made a snowman, but this is not a snowman.  It's a restaurant.  See her cute clip?  You can get one here.
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  1. Wow. Such amazing photos-no need for words to tell a story with these beautiful shots. Loved this!


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