Thursday, March 20, 2014


Matt and I tried to list the questions we get about Ellie, in order to make this FAQ post reflective of life raising a child with Down syndrome.

We came up with:

"She's three?"  (Yes.)
"Is she small for three?" (Yes.)
"Does she ever stop talking?" (No.)
"Wow.  She's flexible." (Yep.)

We did better listing the questions we ask Ellie:

"What kind of curry do you want?" (More curry.)
"What are you doing on the table?" (I climbing.)
"Where are your pants?" (No pants.)
"Can I please have my phone back?" (My phone.  I call Aunt Anna.)
"Did you know it's still nighttime?" (Wake up, Daddy.)
"Will you please go back to sleep?" (Mama - coffee.)
"Can you please use manners?" (No.)
"Can I eat my popsicle in peace?" (No.  My sickle!)
"What book do you want to read?" (Jesus book.)
"What do sharks eat?" (Applesauce.  Bananas.)

If you have any real questions about Ellie, let us know.  I'm happy to tell you about raising our child with Down syndrome.  I just can't think of any real questions at the moment.  While I worked on this post, Ellie stalked Matt for his dessert and I was laughing far too hard to write anything serious.

Happy World Down Syndrome Day Eve.
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