Saturday, March 1, 2014

Celebrating Three (A Few Days Early).

This morning began with my daughter demanding that I sing "Happy Birthday to you!" to her stuffed shark.

Traditionally, I have gone all out for Ellie's birthdays.  Themes, cake pops made in advance to match the theme, all the decor taken from Pinterest ideas.

Her first birthday party was a celebration for our family.  She made it.  We made it.  NICU, GI surgery, heart surgery…. that chapter officially ended with her first birthday and we moved onto living life.

Her second birthday was still grown-up-centric.

But today was all for Ellie.  I bought her favorite foods.  The party activities consisted of kids decorating little terra cotta pots containing seeds that (hopefully) will grow, playing with all of Ellie's toys and puzzles, adding flower drawings and stickers to the white paper I taped over the coffee table, and celebrating with cake.

We invited the neighbors over, but we kept it relatively small.

Matt determined that the theme of the party was "optimism," since it featured gardening and we're under a winter storm watch for tomorrow night.

I felt the burden of being a working mom for this birthday.  All of the food was purchased, with the exception of a quiche with store-bought crust.  The cake was purchased this morning. I had no real theme.

But Ellie didn't care about that stuff.  She wanted to see her friends and blow out candles.

Ellie blowing out the candles on her cake.  Win!
After Ellie successfully blew out the candle on the third try, everyone wanted a turn, so a crew of little girls all "blew out" the candle together, pretending but oh-so-serious.

Ellie is now asleep on the couch next to me.  She's snotty and exhausted, but she went to sleep happy.  Her official birthday is Tuesday.  I have work, followed by class, so we're celebrating early as a family as well, and showering Ellie with a little extra love this weekend.

Thanks to those of you who have walked beside us.  On Friday night, I had the joy of meeting some blog readers and some of the folks involved in various aspects of providing information to women who have received a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis.  I'll post about that separately, but I felt like the timing coinciding with Ellie's birthday was very appropriate.

Enjoy the weekend!
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  1. Do you have a photo of the second after this one where she smiled the sweetest smile ever because she blew out the candle? Thanks for the fun morning.

  2. Love this! Glad the party was a success. :)


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