Sunday, March 30, 2014

Born to Run.

Nothing screams "perfect 5K weather" like rain and wind and cold, right?

Despite the conditions (which have since deteriorated and now ice is falling from the sky), my family participated in the new Race 4 Respect in DC this morning, a race that benefits local Down syndrome groups.

We had a blast.

While I ran the 5K, Matt, Ellie, and some dear friends (one of whom has been helping me out with a bit of marathon coaching) hung out in a bakery, so Ellie and their twin toddler girls could carbo-load for their 1K race.

I had a great race, given that I'm training for a marathon, not 5K, and I ran hard yesterday.  I ended up as third overall female, so I was pretty excited with my 23:00.

As the weather worsened, I assume the race directors cut the kids race down to closer to a quarter mile, which was a good call.  The effort of trudging alone with lots of soaked layers was probably equal to 1K effort, and the girls loved it.

I should mention that the three kids with us were the youngest in the race, and toward the back, and received lots of cheers.  They were so proud.

Huge thanks to Bethany at Simple Charm Photography for sharing these photos with me and giving me permission to share.

Ellie was a little soggy after the race.

And a few taken with my wet iPhone, which I was scared to get out despite the Lifeproof case…. because a certain three year old ripped the case.  No joke.

The race was well organized, the volunteers were friendly, and a number of the volunteers were people with Down syndrome.  Finishes received dog-tags and participants received tech shirts.  My big complaint was the weather.  Oh, and I missed the mile #2 marker, probably because my hat blew off, someone behind me handed it to me (while passing me… grr), and I spent a bit of time attempting to put the hat back on my head while still moving at a decent pace in high winds!

We'll be back next year, and hoping for less rain!

Ellie managed to wake up from her post-race nap in time for gymnastics.  It's been a good day.
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  1. Wow, congrats on your placement!! I ran with my work friends, and we all crept in at the 30 min. mark. It was so fun, despite the weather - still feeling a bit waterlogged, though. Can't wait to see pics as they start to roll in from somewhere!

  2. This made my heart happy, thanks for sharing. I can't wait to get my little man to a race some day :-)

  3. Nice job on your 3rd place finish--that's awesome! I love the idea of this race too; I'm not a runner, but I would definitely volunteer if it ever came to the Twin Cities. LOVE the pic of Ellie all drenched and getting a high five. She looks like she had some fun too.

  4. It was nice to see you there again Megan! Hopefully next year will be blue skies.


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