Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekend Learning.

Occasionally, I am shocked at what Ellie is suddenly able to do.  These things don't matter in the greater scheme of things, but it's nice to see Ellie have success when she's been hard at work.

 This morning, she worked hard on stringing beads. I was most shocked at her efforts, as she normally demands help and doesn't work on the task for long when it's fine motor oriented (unless she's painting.)

 At gymnastics, Ellie scooted along on a scooter board like a pro. She held the bars (as in, real parallel bars) without crying, which is a big step for her.  Every week, we work on her fear of the bars, which seems unfounded.  With her teacher, we are working to calm her fears but not push her too hard.  (The photo below is super fuzzy, but oh so cute!)

 And when we came home, Ellie took a long nap, and then demonstrated some following directions that blew my mind.
 For those who know Ellie, you know that following directions is not exactly her strong point.  Again, the quality is pretty poor, but we managed to catch Ellie finding a red giraffe.

What a weekend.  And now, time for another five day work week!
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