Friday, February 14, 2014

Oh, No! Snow?!

Ellie is so over winter.  And apologies to anyone who lives within eighteen miles of us, because you knew at 8:30 this morning just how "over it" Ellie is feeling thanks to her strong response upon seeing the snow.

Keepin' it real.

Our Valentine plans were low key, and Matt and I exchanged unwrapped gifts without cards this morning.  Both of us had planned to buy cards/wrapping yesterday, and that didn't happen.

She didn't help shovel.

A smile in the snow!

School was out again, so Ellie and I went outside for a bit. Here's the commentary she provided.

Oh, no!  Snow!
Snow tree?!
Snow cold.
Uh oh.  I no want it.
No want it.
No like it.
Snow, snow, snow.
Bye snow.
Snow outside.
No snow.
Yuck.  Gross.

My thoughts exactly, Ellie.  I hope we get warm weather soon!

She might have been a bit warmer if she didn't keep stripping off her shoes.

Also, instead of running today, I found a new workout - pushing a jogging stroller over ice and snow to grab coffee with a friend.

Wishing you a happy and WARM Valentine's Day!  How are all my snowed in friends doing?

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  1. The snow has been so insane! I am still in shock that we were in school on Thursday. Our school only had 180 of our 300 kids in attendance. It was one of my worst commutes! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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