Friday, February 21, 2014


Lately, Ellie's been nothing but a chatterbox.

This morning at 5:19 am, I removed her from the kitchen table, where she was quickly approaching my coffee, yelling "MOMMY'S COFFEE!" at the top of her lungs.  I'd left her alone for 3.6 seconds.

When she got in the car on our way home today, she instantly checked her drink holders for snacks.  She came up empty handed and said, concerned "There no goldfish in here!"

As we were getting out of the car, I heard an adorable little voice singing in the backseat, "Twinkle twinkle star, twinkle sky…. good song… yay!"

While she was drinking her water, I was assisting her with an open cup.  She pushed my hand away, told me "NO!" and then dumped the water out with a smile.  "I splash it!" she proclaimed.

These little moments mean a lot to me, because they mean that Ellie is doing what I hoped for, but what I was scared to hope for - talking!  Nonstop!  And even though speech has been Ellie's relative strength for awhile, and even though she has so much work to do in so many areas, and even though her speech is still delayed for her age, I can stop and celebrate these little milestones.

I love to hear what's on her mind… most of the time, when she's not requesting that I sing "Happy birthday Curious George" before 5 am.

I said that this year I'd be better about taking pictures, but my house is a mess and outside has been cold, or rainy, or snowy.  Today is nice but Ellie is a hot mess and sitting in the kitchen drinking milk, and probably splashing it on the floor.  So instead of pictures, today I just wanted to capture little moments in writing so I can remember them.

And maybe, just maybe, so I can remember to keep the car stocked with goldfish.
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  1. Sweet fun, talking and hearing what's in kiddies heads is priceless!!!


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