Friday, January 10, 2014

What Can I Do?

Down syndrome.

Not the center of our lives anymore.

Of course, the center of my life this week is Ellie's current tummy bug, which is resulting in a lot of laundry.

Anyway, I just read a post I really liked from Kelle Hampton, who blogs over at Enjoying the Small Things.  She wrote about Down syndrome, which she doesn't do a lot, and which encouraged me a lot when we got Ellie's diagnosis.

I liked this paragraph a lot:

"We know that dollars are important in funding programs and helping to provide support for families, but we also know that awareness goes beyond that. So many of you have shared ways in which you’ve changed your perceptions or stories of how you’ve gone back to your communities to promote acceptance, and I’d love to hear and learn more about things each of us can do in our communities—as simple as recognizing and applauding organizations that demonstrate inclusion in the workplace, as I wish I would have done in the grocery store that day. "

So what can you do?

Support inclusion.

Are you a mom?  Teach your kids that difference is okay and encourage a diverse group of friends of all abilities.

Invite someone with special needs into friendship, not out of pity, but because you will probably gain a lot more than you give.

Don't use the word "r-tarded."  Ever.  Simple.

See a store, school, organization where people with disabilities are included?  Tell the people in charge that you see it and appreciate it.

Have high expectations.

And Ellie says, buy a toddler with Down syndrome either a pony, a puppy, or a shark.

We're hoping to have Ellie back to herself soon; it's been a long week.
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  1. I hope Ellie feels better soon! I loved Kelle's post as well and always donate to Nella's fund. I feel so lucky to work in an inclusive school here in NYC and reading her words reminded me just how grateful I am.

  2. I love this post. Thank you for this. I found your blog through babycenter. Thanks for linking to it. I have baby #4 due in June and we've been given a chance for DS for this baby. Your blog is inspiring and helpful!


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