Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Ellie has been talking more and more.

I joke often that we prayed and prayed for Ellie to be able to speak.  Now, we beg her to be quiet for just a minute.

The great thing about Ellie talking more is simple.  Ellie is hilarious.

* While playing with mango scented "Jello PlayDough" the other day, every time she picked up the play dough, she held it up to her mouth, opened her mouth, then quickly pulled her hand away and said "No mouth!" with a teacher voice.

* Ellie recently has been a stuffy, snotty mess.  She must have had a headache the other day, when she looked at my mom, Matt and I and announced in the saddest voice ever, "My head broke."

* This morning, I heard Ellie stirring and went into her room.  She greeted me with "HUG!"  I gave her a hug.  She looked disappointed.  "What do you want, Ellie?"  "HUG A BUNNY!"  I found her stuffed bunny and she hugged the heck outta him.

* When I told Ellie that two bowls of cereal was enough and that her request for "more cereal please" would not be granted, she shrugged it off and asked for coffee.  She's also taken to telling Matt and I we need coffee in the mornings.

Finally, tonight, Ellie insisted on "Cookie, please."  Mama said no.

Ellie took matters into her own hands.  Forgive the fuzzy photo, I wanted to get her off the table quickly!

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  1. omg how funny! My favorite is "My head broke." Kids are hilarious. And it gets better as they get older! Marie, my 12-year old, told me today that her fingers are crazy. Now that I'm saying that it doesn't sound funny but in the moment it was really funny.

  2. Hehehehe - love it!!! She's doing some really amazing stuff there, Megan! And seriously, Samantha NEVER stops talking - she even talks in her sleep sometimes. Get ready... :-)

  3. Haha this age sure does make life fun! :)


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