Friday, January 31, 2014

Speech, Part 2.

Earlier this week, I blogged about the things Ellie says.

Today she busted out a new one.
"I love quesadilla.  A lot."

In my prior blogging, I failed to mention that being Ellie's mom causes me to have some new words and phrases as well.

They include:

"We color on the paper.  Not our mama's shirt."
"Do not clean the toilet with your toothbrush."
"In this house, we wear pants."
"We color on the paper.  Not the floor"
"We color on the paper.  Not the bench."
"Take Mommy's brush out of the toilet."
"Kids don't drink coffee."
"We color on the paper.  Not the wall."
"We don't eat lotion."

And on that note, happy Friday!

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  1. I have the "Ellie, we only take off our clothes in the bedroom or bathroom" and my personal favorite from her ABA therapist "hands are not for hitting. They are for high-5s and hugs".

  2. Hi Megan - I stumbled across your sweet Ellie awhile back through the ETST blog/instagram. However, tonight was the first time I actually checked out your blog. I wish I had sooner as my sweet Phoebe also had the double bubble. I had LOTS of extra fluid and she was in a hurry to get here and came 6 weeks early (she's also the third kid and probably didn't want to miss anything :)). She was in the hospital for the first 11 weeks (had a PDA surgery while we were there also). It's hard to remember back to those first few months as she is 8 months now and is just a sweet healthy baby. It was fun and encouraging to catch a few posts of Ellie nailing her milestones. Thanks for sharing her and your story! Mandy

  3. Megan, I often refer to these new things you've been saying as "take a step back and listen to myself moments". It's like teaching and how it's always good to have another adult with you in class to have someone to laugh at the absurdities with!

  4. Haha parents say the darndest things! It's cool that you are keeping track of all your fun phrases here so you can always come back and find them. I wish I did that with Michael. I have a notebook for all the kids where I write a birthday letter every year but so far that's where it has ended.

  5. Haaaa this..made me smile...
    t @ Happy Soul Project


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