Tuesday, January 21, 2014


The more deadly the animal, the more Ellie loves it.

Many people fear sharks, although in the sharks' defense, most aren't exactly out to eat us.

Ellie has no such fear.

Sleepy in the darkness of the aquarium, Ellie sat next to every single tank and asked for a shark.  And when she saw the sharks…

"One, three, four, FIVE SHAWKS!" (She skips two.)
"Hi sharkie!  Bye bye sharkie!"
Knocking on the tank.  "Shark house.  Knock knock shark!"

I think the aquarium is her happy place.

Hi shark!

No good shark photos, but here's a poisonous frog.  Poison = Ellie loved it.

A nice safe tortoise.  Ellie wasn't super impressed with him.
The forecast is calling for something like 4-7 inches of snow around here today, so my teacher workday is now a "work from home" day, and everything is closed.  Time to get productive!
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  1. Happy Snow Day, being here in the South, we would love snow. Ellie is so precious, I love life's adventures through her eyes.


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