Sunday, January 5, 2014

Just a Typical Afternoon.

Our day started with church.  Ellie tried to dress herself in a pair of pants on top of her leggings and "warmers" (leg warmers.)  Ellie loved church, as always, and we grabbed bagels afterward before Ellie and I set out to do a few errands.

After a nap at the grocery store (in the cart, continued on the couch until the groceries were unpacked) she did some painting.

But seriously, why limit to the paper?

We tried a rule review, but it didn't work out well.

Then, Ellie got herself a snack.

So we went outside to play, despite her attire.

Pink Converse, blue socks, brown "warmers,"
striped leggings, white t-shirt, green t-shirt over from painting,
purple jacket.
I hope you all are staying safe and warm as we prepare for the big chill.  I ran in the 35 degree rain this morning anticipating that by Tuesday morning, I won't want to set foot outside.

Happy weekend.  Here's to a great first "real week" back to work and school following Christmas, New Year's, and Snow Day!
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