Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fine Motor Skills.

As you know, Ellie has Down syndrome.

As you may or may not know, Down syndrome is associated with low muscle tone, which impacts motor skills.

Although Ellie is a great problem solver, her fine motor skills leave something to be desired.  For example, she often struggles to open boxes, so she throws them to spill the contents.

Her teacher recently looped a key ring to her jacket zipper so Ellie could work on zipping and unzipping with greater independence.  "I zip it!" is a new and frequent cry around here.

The other sentence we hear frequently is "Jacket OFF."

Even if it's 25 degrees.
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  1. she's a precious little sweetie and these little independent gains are so good for her!

  2. Kids have no concept of cold! Teagan loves pulling on zippers, hers, mine, her sisters, every ones! And 25 has been warm here! What a good idea for the key ring though. I'll have to keep in tucked away.

  3. How cute is she! Neat idea with the key ring for the zipper! Kayla needs helps with buttons and I've seen something like a button loop that I need to look in to getting for her.

  4. I love the zipper tip! I think I might add that to her coat before preschool starts, I'm positive it will lead to more jackets off than on :-)


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