Monday, December 9, 2013

Catching Up.

Since today is a snow day (ice day?) I thought it was an appropriate day to catch up on posting a random collection of photos from the past week or so.

Matt and I took a quick trip out of town after Thanksgiving to visit Charlottesville.  Ellie stayed with her godsisters.  They went to see "Frozen" and Ellie fell asleep.  She had a wonderful time and came home absolutely exhausted, which was an added bonus.

She has the best godparents ever.

We were grateful to get away.  Charlottesville is beautiful (remember when I went with Christina?) and we ate good food without ever saying, "The fork goes on the table, not the floor" or "We do not tip our cup upside down and shake it."


We're in the season of advent, which I love.  I've mentioned before that I love both the American Christmas traditions and the true church advent.  We had a fancy (but icy) tea for the women of our church yesterday, and the talk focused on the idea of rest.  Our family lights our advent wreath each week leading up to Christmas, and this year, Ellie is fascinated.  She doesn't understand yet, but she will someday.

It was time to dust my camera back off and record the little details of Christmas.


My grandfather has always loved "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas."  I bought the DVD for Ellie, who seems to be taking after Pops.

When it ends, she says "More Gwinch please!"

Ellie and I spent the day Christmas shopping (both in stores after the weather cleared and online), and during her nap I organized the basement and wrapped the gifts.  Matt was able to hang out and make us breakfast before he headed out, since he didn't need to rush Ellie to the bus.

Looks like more snow could be in store for tomorrow.  Not sure what that will bring for school (if the snow materializes, which is rare around here lately!), but my teacher friends seem to have different hopes than my mom friends.  I noticed all the moms on Facebook this morning wanted their kids to have a normal routine, while all my teacher friends were posting messages such as "BEST DAY EVER!"  My teacher emotions completely beat out my mom emotions, and I was thrilled.

Keep spreading cheer.

Time to go wake up my little elf.
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