Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Girl at the Ballet. (Plus Gingerbread and Running)

The Christmas I was pregnant with Ellie, I could hardly let myself dream of a little girl who would love things like ballet.  I knew that she would be a little girl, but how soon could my baby with Down syndrome attend "The Nutcracker" or engage in my favorite holiday activities?

I love watching "The Nutcracker" and have since I was little.  I love holiday traditions, from seeing the trains at the botanical gardens to building gingerbread houses with my dear friend Christina.

Which we did last night, and while we built houses, we joked about how we thought Ellie would handle the ballet.

Ellie loved Christmas from her very first one, but this year is special.

Despite my reservations, I took my girl to see her first ballet today.  It was just a community performance, but she got dressed up and we we together and sat in big seats and watched as Clara entered the Kingdom of Sweets.  Ellie's behavior was as good as could be expected for any two year old.

I know, more phone photos.
 If we get the promised snow tomorrow,
my camera will make an appearance.

Occasionally her running commentary got a bit loud:
"Pwincess dancin'."
"Yay nutcwacker!"
"A twee!"
"Stars!  Uno, dos, twes, cuatro, cinco stars." (There were a lot more than five.)

She didn't like the dark between scenes, but otherwise was enthralled.  Oh, and while the snowflakes danced, Ellie took a five minute doze.

This weekend is good.  As I mentioned, Christina and I built our annual gingerbread house last night.

This morning, I got to run a 5K along with the elementary age students I coach.  After we all said our goodbyes and the coaches treated ourselves to Starbucks, I walked by the awards ceremony.  I was 12th female and the women ahead of me mostly looked like 30-somethings, so I correctly guessed that I didn't place.  (Plus, I ran 24:30, which isn't exactly stellar for age group awards.  And I didn't warm up. And I almost lost my antlers.  I was the picture of hard core running, let me tell you.  Oh, and my fuel belt made my shirt ride up and show my belly in the 30 degree chill.)

I wore the antlers and T-shirt to work on Friday.

But… TWO of our girls won awards, and they don't know it yet!  Passing out their medals will make Monday a more acceptable Monday, since no one likes Mondays.

Oh, and the race was super fun.

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