Friday, November 1, 2013

Thankful: Halloween.

For November, I'm going to try to post (not daily) about things for which I am thankful.  Today, I'm thankful for my neighborhood, especially on Halloween.

Hug attack from Minnie.

Mickey was loving Halloween and also was my helper.

Charlie the cheerleader.

This sock monkey was not amused by Halloween.  Not one bit.

Toddler-friendly trick-or-treating.
Great neighbors.
Students who come by my house to get candy.  (Some know where I live.  Some are shocked to see me outside.)

And of course, the cutest little shark in town.

For school, she was a cheerleader, but those photos all have other kids that I don't know.  Plus, there's not a lot of photos, since a high school band kicked off the school celebration.  New Ellie fact: High school bands are NOT fun.  They are scary.  The only thing that helped her get out of Mama's arms was a little boy dressed as a chicken, but when he left, she was back to tears.

Eventually, I handed her over to her classroom assistant and walked away.  Of course, then she was fine and walking happily!

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