Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thankful for Turkeys.

All photos in this post are taken by my friend Christina.  You can see her blog here.

Over the past ten years, some of my friends have maintained a tradition of "Turkey Bowl," a bowling event around Thanksgiving that raises funds for local organizations that feed the hungry.

Ellie attended her second Turkey Bowl this weekend.  She wasn't big on the loud sounds, but she liked the Hawaiian leis and sparkly hats.

The littlest turkey.

If you've never been bowling at an event with Hawaiian leis, sparkly hats, and referees, you need to come to Turkey Bowl next year, or start your own.

Although bowling at TB is no longer practical for me (the event ends at 10:30, and I have a small person in my life who has an 8:00 bedtime), I participate by supporting my friends, helping with registration, and cheering for turkeys.

When Christina and I met, Turkey Bowl was one of the first things we did together.

Matt kept making eyes at this turkey.  We may need to have a chat.*
If you want to start your own Turkey Bowl, here are a few steps.  This is the brainchild of my friend Karen, but it's worth sharing.

1. Get a bowling alley and a lot of friends.
2. Charge about $20 for two games, including shoes.  Pay less.  Donate the rest to a food bank or organization of your choice.
3. Ask people to bring canned goods.  Donate the food to a food bank or other organization of your choice.
4. Divide your friends into teams.
5. Each team bowls a game.
6. Have refs.  The refs should wear ref shirts and carry red cards.
7. Enforce rules: a) Gutter balls earn a sombrero, b) Spares earn a hat, c) Strikes earn a lei.
8. Have less sombreros, hats, and leis than you need to encourage stealing from other teams.
9. Make sure the refs give points for spirit and acts of amazingness.
10. After one game, have a half-time show, complete with giant turkey mascot.
11. Bowl another game.
12. Give out prizes.  A black bowling pin for the low score is a wise move.  Gold and silver for the good bowlers, but I've only ever won black.

Side note: When I won the black pin, it was stolen.  Coveted prize, folks.

Anyway, Turkey Bowl is amazing.

Huge shout out to the friends who made Turkey Bowl a success.  You are awesome.

Attractive headwear is encouraged.
Also, the girl pictured stole my black pin once.
The morning after Turkey Bowl, I showed Ellie a picture of the turkey.
"Ellie, who is that?"

Nothing screams Thanksgiving like a rooster.

* Yes, my husband is kissing a turkey.  Don't worry.  I have a close eye on the situation.

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