Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thankful for "Hiking" with Toddlers.

Before Ellie was born, Matt and I would go hiking occasionally.  Not super-hardcore-intense hiking, but a few miles here and there.  We both run marathons, we're in good shape, all that jazz.

Then Ellie came on the scene.  We would still hike from time to time, with Ellie in the Baby Bjorn and eventually, the Kelty backpack.  We even did some hiking in the snow over last spring break.  Ellie was not yet walking during any of those hikes.  She could hold hands and walk, but showed no interest in anything other than hiking as a spectator sport.

On Monday, we all had the day off and we headed out to a beautiful local spot to hike.  We brought the  Kelty with us, but decided to let Ellie walk.  Forty five minutes later, we were about 400 meters from the parking lot and had examined a lot of trees, birds, leaves and rocks.

She chased her shadow.

Being a dinosaur.  Seriously.

She drew in the dirt with a stick.

She looked at the waterfall.  It had water in it.  Amazing.

She said hi to people, dogs, birds, and squirrels.

And grass.

Ellie loved hiking.  We didn't do much actual hiking, but she did proclaim, "I hiking!" a lot, so she was confident in her hiking abilities.

She walked for about an hour, never making it onto actual trails, and then she got tired and we put her in the backpack, where she fell asleep.

Things have changed since Ellie was born, but we'll take it.  She's pretty entertaining.

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  1. What beautiful girl!She has a such wonderful smile,how cutie!!!

  2. Part of me would love to get into hiking, but then I imagine losing my kids in be woods or getting attacked by a bear, and I quickly move on haha. Maybe one day.


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