Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Shark Attack.

Some of you may recall that my sweet little toddler, Ellie, loves sharks.

I think I handled myself fairly well through open heart surgery on my infant, but now, I am officially in way over my head.

Today, Ellie took shark love to a whole new level.  That level was unfortunate for one very cute baby.

Ellie was being a shark.

Halloween flashback, from last week.

She decided (and told Ms. Kelly) that baby Louisa was a fish.

Think on that for a moment....
Think about sharks and fish....
Think about Ellie's favorite show, "Shark Week," and the fate of the fishies on that show....

Yummy yummy fishy!

The Ellie shark took a bite of fish.

The fish cried.

The fish got a band-aid.

Ellie did not get a band-aid.  Ellie got in trouble, because our teeth are for biting food, not baby Louisa.

Louisa has been rechristened "Sharkbait" and Ellie is getting lots of "serious talks" from Mom and Dad about appropriate shark behavior.

Let's say it together... "Fish are friends, not food." (Name that movie.)

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  1. I believe that makes Ellie a bull shark or a tiger shark... they usually attack even if not provoked.

  2. Ha! Poor Louisa. Love that Ellie is pretending to be a shark!


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