Sunday, October 20, 2013

{31 for 21} Twenty.

Yesterday was a full day.

Ellie woke up early (shocker) because she was so excited from dinner with friends the night before and because she was anticipating a day at the farm.

Three little kids.  Zero looking at the camera.
Friday night we received a last-minute invitation from friends to go to a pumpkin patch the following morning.  It was the kind of spontaneous invitation that's harder both to extend and accept once a toddler enters the picture, but our morning was wide open.  Our friends have twin a girls who are just over a year old, and Ellie loves to see the "babies" and teach them exciting stuff, like which animal is which.

Something was funny.

"Kitty!" "That's a goat."  "KITTY!"

Ellie told the cow to "Eat yummy gwass."

Of course, our child that can identify everything from a shark to a zebra to a dinosaur to an octopus still greets horses with "MOO!" so I hope the babies didn't pick up on that little lesson.

Meeting a GOOOOOAT.  She scared the goats away.  Twice.

Ellie had a blast with her friends looking at pumpkins, visiting animals, and learning about life on a farm.

Love these girls.  But only one of them loved the pumpkins.


"Can I keep it?"

I running!

The big highlight, however, was the "Cow Train."  The best two bucks we've ever spent, Ellie was delighted to ride alone like a big kid in her cow, named "Hailey."

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