Wednesday, October 2, 2013

{31 for 21} Day Two.

The Buddy Walk is a big deal in our local Down syndrome group.

Buddy Walks are fundraisers (and awareness raisers, and celebrations) for people with Down syndrome, and they occur in the fall all over the country.  Ours was Saturday.

The past two years, we've gone.  The first year was shortly after Ellie's heart surgery, coming off a time of total stir-craziness.  Last year the Buddy Walk was in a new location, but Ellie wasn't yet big enough to enjoy many of the activities.

This year, she was a bounce castle, petting zoo, pony ride maniac.

Clapping for the goat.

Initial reaction to the horse.  She ended up riding twice.

Little help from a friend.

Our friend Charlotte.

Claire's family always joins us for the walk.  Claire found a football game.  She loved it.

My heart soared.

Thanks everyone who joined us, who organized the event, who donated because they couldn't attend, and most of all, thanks everyone who includes Ellie and her friends with Down syndrome in normal, everyday activities.
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  1. Looks like fun! We'll be attending our first Buddy Walk this weekend. And while Max, my son with Ds, is too little to do much but smile at everyone and enjoy the attention, I think my 4 year old will love all the activities. I don't think we get a bounce house, though--he would be jealous to know that you did!


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