Tuesday, October 1, 2013

{31 for 21} Day One.

Every year since Ellie has joined us, I've participated in {31 for 21}, a blogging challenge where I put something up on this blog daily, often about Down syndrome.

I'm going to try again this year, and I'll be trying to share some information that I haven't shared before that might be helpful to new parents, but also to those who might meet a child with Down syndrome out in the community.

Today, to kick off, a few general words of wisdom in interactions with children with DS.  Remember, these are from ME, MY experience, and are completely my personal opinion.  I only have one kid and she's only two, but these are some things I've learned...

* Give ample time to practice and respond.  Ellie needs familiarity with a task before she'll try it with someone new.  She takes a bit longer to process language, so ask, then WAIT.

* Visual, visual, visual.  Most people with Down syndrome are visual learners.  So try to pair auditory information with visual.

* Take time to listen.  Take time to learn.  Every person with DS is different.  What works for my kid may not work for your kid or your neighbor's kid.

Ellie loves art.  Note the tongue of concentration.

* And of course, laugh.  That's Ellie's tip.  It's her current favorite command when she believe she has been funny.  "Laugh!  HAHAHAHA!"  And we laugh.
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  1. Saying hi from 31 for 21! Trying to be sure to get around and meet some of the other families! Ellie is a doll!


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