Saturday, October 19, 2013

{31 for 21} Day Nineteen.

Ellie threatens to drive me crazy with early wake ups, with refusals to listen ("Be quiet." "No."), and with enthusiasm even this morning person can't handle before 5 am.

But then, she makes me smile.

Her baby has to wear her boots.

She hands me the DVD (not the case, she got out the actual DVD) and demands "-APPY FEET!" with a smile.

She spots a pumpkin and says, "Apple!  No... PUMPKIN!"

She is learning and growing and in a sweet spot of development where we can watch her learn more daily.  And during our next plateau, I will remember this.

Ellie is currently wearing jeans and attempting to layer them with jeggings on top.

When the Happy Feet penguins dance and sing, she claps and tells them, "Good job!"

Jeggings update - One leg is fully on, over her jeans.  She's walking around like that saying "dwessed."

Ellie is pretending in her play more and more.  Dolls go potty and get new diapers and are put to bed.  Monkeys attend school and are told to "Pay attention!"  Sheep eat cereal and listen to stories.  All these milestones are very normal, but for a kid who takes a bit longer to master them, the milestones are extra sweet.

Oh, and she's mastered scaring us with "BOO!"  And then she laughs and says, "I funny!"

Happy weekend, friends.
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  1. She is amazing! So impressive. And so clear that her extra 21st chromosome is filled with good humor!


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