Monday, October 14, 2013

{31 for 21} Day Fourteen.

Toddlers with Down syndrome: Advice from an expert.

Dear Blog-readers,

My mommy has been telling you all sorts of junk about toddlers with Down syndrome, but seriously, what does she know?  She's like a million years old.

I on the other hand, am a toddler with Down syndrome, which makes me an expert.  Mommy hasn't been letting me guest blog as much lately, because of this whole "no throwing" rule (she doesn't trust me with nice things), but I am gonna write this anyway because I'm awesome.

Actually, I'm Ellie.  But Ellies are awesome.

Some facts:

Toddlers with Down syndrome do not need sleep.  So if at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning, I am crying, you should hug me.  And if I stop crying to say "Hi.  Play.  Downstairs.  Bunny," then you should take me downstairs to play with my bunny.  If you don't know which bunny I mean (and if my liberal definitions of various colors is too hard for you to understand) just try reading my mind.

Toddlers with Down syndrome need more cake.  I haven't eaten any cake today.  Isn't that sad?  My parents are slackers.

Toddlers with Down syndrome can morph into other creatures.  Sometimes, I'm a dinosaur.  Or a kangaroo.  You should be able to tell them apart.  Dinosaur starts with stomping (then sometimes jumps).  Kangaroo starts with hopping (then sometimes stomps.)  Parents should pay attention so they can address the appropriate aminal.  I am a good aminal.  I am the best at being a shhhaaaawwwk.  I swim and bite.  Nom nom nom.

Toddlers with Down syndrome are genetically enhanced to help us get out of trouble.  This tip is for my toddler friends (whether or not you have Down syndrome): if you are in trouble, smile extra-cute!

Toddlers with Down syndrome can totally be trusted unsupervised with art supplies.  Quit looking at me like I'm going to paint on the table, just because of that one time with the paint.  Or that thing with the chalk.  Or that other thing with the crayons.  I'll stop now.

Now grown ups, you are super smart about toddlers with Down syndrome.  You could go hug one.  Or get cake for a toddler with Down syndrome.  Or maybe a puppy.  We like puppies.


Ellie L.
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  1. I have loved reading your posts every day during this 31 for 21 series! This post makes me want to meet up with you guys someday even more- Ellie and I would definitely bond over our love of cake!

  2. Ellie,
    You are my favorite.
    I am so glad you do not let Down Syndrome define you.

  3. Ellie, you are so smart! I just read all your suggestions to Cora, and I am sure I'll take many of them to heart.

  4. Unsupervised with art supplies!!! ROFL!!!

  5. Too stinking cute, Ellie. Teagan would agree, especially with the smiling when in trouble. And cake, although she prefers cupcakes.


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