Friday, October 11, 2013

{31 for 21} Day Eleven.

Speech and the child with Down syndrome.

I am not an SLP.  My child is known to have more "spontaneous speech in unstructured times," a.k.a., "she talks when she wants to talk, not when you tell her to talk."  But as she decided she would take her sweet time walking, she learned that telling people what to do could be effective.  Now, she never stops, except of course, when her teachers are asking her to talk!

So here's some recent Ellie phrases.

"Oh, MY!"

"Read the books!"

This morning, at 4:45 am: "Hi Mommy!  Bye, bed."

"No throwing!" (As she throws something.)

"Shhh.... QUIET..."

vxz['.z  (She typed that herself.)

And of course, this video.  I've been using my iPhone for filming for the National Boards (you'll hear a lot about those in the coming months), which has been using all of my memory, so forgive the brevity of this clip.

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  1. First of all, too cute! Second, GO Ellie GO! She has some seriously kickass reading skills going on there.


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