Saturday, September 21, 2013


You may have noticed an extended absence around the blog lately.  We've been mostly in town, mostly around, and life has been simply full.

We have a toddler, but she's in school, so we're doing the "two working parents and one school-age kid" thing, but our school age kid is two and a half.

School has been the right choice for Ellie.  I recognize that for some parents of two year olds with developmental delays, school may not be the right choice for the family, but Ellie adores school.  In the past three weeks, she's talking more (although not to her speech therapist - bring back any memories, Lisa?), she's walking more, she's saying "I DO IT!" with amazing frequency.

Last night she ate a plate of rice and beans with an adult size fork.  This morning, she scooped up all her Cheerios from her kid plate and put them in her empty applesauce bowl (then threw the spoon on the ground and ate them with her hands.)

For the first two weeks of school, I lived in fear that Ellie would see Mommy walking down the hall with big kids and freak out.  She's little, she might not understand that Mommy is working and Ellie is learning, right?

The first time I saw her, I got a head nod and smile as she marched right into class.  Now I love seeing Ellie in the hallways, because she is so proud of herself.

We have plenty of room to grow.  Following directions still isn't Ellie's strong point.  "Non-preferred activities" still are rough on her.  But she is growing leaps and bounds!

We also went on our church retreat a week ago.  We spent a weekend in Maryland on the bay, and Ellie loved every minute.  She learned to "race" with a block start and a "one, two, three GO!"  She played in the grass.  She chased her shadow.  She stood on the dock and told me to "Shhh!" because of the "baby sharks," who must need a lot of sleep.  She yelled "MORNING FISHIES!" to the water.

She was embraced by our community, as she always has been.

I have a bunch of photos on my camera, and I admit I've been in that busy, overwhelmed "first month of school" phase.  I am pursuing my National Board Certification for teaching this year in the area of exceptional needs.  The effort is incredible, and there's no promise I'll be able to achieve the certification, but I believe I'll be a better teacher for it.

The blog may get quiet for extended stretches.  I hope to do {31 for 21} again this year, a daily blogging effort in October to raise awareness about Down syndrome.

Often in our community, people try to determine the reason blogs die out after kids hit school age.

I'm not sad.  Ellie's disability matters less and less right now, despite the fact that her delays are much more obvious than they were when I started this blog.  We are busy.  I will continue to blog because I know that grandparents and aunties would be sad if I didn't.  I will continue to blog because in the past couple months I've gotten multiple messages from folks one or two degrees of separation away with a new Down syndrome diagnosis who have questions.

We're still here.  Or more likely, we're running around outside and getting Ellie on the bus and off the bus.  We're hoping Ellie adjusts easily to a new baby at her caregiver's home - Kelly brings Louisa home this week!  We are about to attempt some Pumpkin Spice Play Dough (thanks, Pinterest.)

Thanks for sticking around!
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  1. SO glad that Ellie is loving school Megan! Tell her SLP to hang in there- the time it take to hear Ellie's voice just makes it all the better when she decides to use it in front of new people. :)

  2. Blog as you can & don't stress. Post pics here & there only maybe. Good luck you have a very full plate!!


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