Sunday, August 11, 2013

La Vie Boheme.

A few little Ellie updates for you.  Also, a huge thank you to everyone who has continued to pray and give to help bring Louisa home.  Her parents have the first trip fully funded, and only $4,818 to go for full funding!


The other night, Ellie and I rocked out to the RENT soundtrack on Pandora.  Ellie danced and spun and laughed.  And began quoting songs.  Time to think about the lyrics in what she hears.  Fortunately, her quoting was limited to the last line of songs, and less "La Vie Boheme" and more "Out Tonight."  Ellie felt the need to act out the line "when the Spanish babies cry" repeatedly.

"Baby cry!!!"
"Cry cry cry."

At least she didn't quote the first half of the line, "Feels to damn much like home."


Friends and long time readers know that this summer, Ellie only likes the big pool.  And only with Mommy or Daddy holding her.  Friday, when she did not take a nap, she did request the pool.  I obliged, but given the dark clouds, I wasn't exactly thrilled about taking a swim.  We went straight to the baby pool, and imagine my surprise when Ellie willingly climbed in by herself!  Only took until August, but I'll take it.  On Saturday at our local Down syndrome group party, Ellie went on the waterside twice on Daddy's lap.  She went once more with me, proudly announcing "I slide!" as I carried her up to the top.  She had a blast, I somehow managed to scrape up both knees and the top of my foot.  Classy.

Build A Bear Monkey.

Ellie and I finally used up her Build A Bear gift card from a gift a couple years ago.  She selected a monkey.  Her outfit of choice was a tutu, pink sparkle shoes, green undies, a sparkly shirt, and a sequined backpack.  We eventually compromised with just the tutu and backpack and pink undies.  Ellie, ever the creative animal namer, selected the name "Monkey."

That's it for today.  The blog may be quiet for a bit as we soak up the last few weeks of summer with mama totally off work!

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