Sunday, August 25, 2013

Happy Second Heart Day {Double Giveaway!}

Almost three years ago, we were told that our daughter with Down syndrome would need open heart surgery to survive.  I was about eighteen weeks pregnant with that daughter.  That surgery occurred two years ago today, when Ellie was just five and a half months old.

Now, she's almost two and a half.

A few days before surgery.

One year later.
And now.... Ellie's scar is fading.  My own emotional scars from that scary time are also fading, although I'll never forget those fears.  But Ellie is embracing life and living to the fullest, no longer broken hearted.  She's walking, talking, laughing, climbing, and causing trouble every day.

Ellie's dress is custom made, extra short!  Check out the shop here.

Happy Heart Day, Eleanor!  We are thrilled that your heart is happy now, even if you haven't slept in since your surgery.

And to celebrate?  Two random commenters will win!

One winner will get their choice of a peasant dress or fort kit from The Crazy Kukla Boutique.   Just tell me one good thing going on in your life right now, with your kid, with back to school, with whatever you please!  The shop can be found on Etsy, too.
Fort kit.

Peasant dress.  This one is for Charlotte!

The other winner will win a peasant dress from Ps. 139 {Fearfully and Wonderfully Made}, the very some shop that made the dress Ellie is wearing in the above photos.  You can check the shop out on Etsy as well.
Peasant dress.  Cute kid and boots not included.

Thank you, thank you to those of you who prayed for Ellie's surgery, who have followed along ever since, and who take the time to read and celebrate Ellie along with us.  As she gets older, her surgery becomes more significant, because she's reached the age that she wouldn't have reached without her surgery.

I'm not responsible for vendors, mail, or computer problems.  The entries will remain open until 11:00 pm Eastern time on September 1, and will be announced here shortly thereafter.  I will also attempt to contact winners via email.  Open to US residents 18 and older only.  Winners will be selected via  No prizes for immediate family, which means Daddy and Grandma.  Cousins and stuff are OK.  If you do not respond to a winner notification in a timely manner, I'll pick a new winner.
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  1. Happy Heart Day, Ellie!

    We love you.

    Miss Kelly, Mr. Kyle, Chawlie, and LuLu
    (And Pat-chee too.)

  2. Oh, Ellie. Happy Heart day little princess. This made me cry tears of joy. I am glad she is growing and thriving. And I am so, so glad that God gave her to you.

    Sending love, Becky

  3. It's so exciting to have a second heart day. We celebrated our first heart day a few weeks ago. Ellie and you helped me through that whole time, even if you didn't know it. Have an awesome Heart Day Ellie!

  4. Happy heart day sweet princess Ellie ..
    Ur smile in the pics made my day and brought joy to my broken so happy u r growing and playing and that u r stronger than life itself ...
    Sending u all the love with so much hugs ..
    Hugs for u too sweet mommy ♡
    LOVE, Sara

  5. Oh so happy to hear that Ellie is happy and heart healthy. Something good going in my life...there is a life that is fearfully and wonderfully made growing within me. I can't wait to meet her.

  6. Happy heart day, Ellie! Something good in my life - my two oldest kids start back to school tomorrow, and we know and like both of their teachers.

  7. Happy heart day, Ellie! Owen will celebrate his 4th heart day in two weeks. Something great happened to me today.......I became a godmother! My goddaughter was baptized today and it was fantastic.

  8. I can't believe it's been two years! It's pretty obvious that sweet girl is using all of her heart for all of her smiles and fun! Congrats, sweet girl!

  9. Congratulations Ellie! You are an inspiration and we are so happy we can watch you grow and dazzle us even though you are far away. Something good in our life is that Max is almost to his second heart day too. Two years ago it was a comfort to see how well Ellie did with her surgery since it was right before Max's. :) -Alysia and Max

  10. She is beautiful! What is good in our lives... Our beautiful little Leah keeps us entertained every day. I guess today's good news is they were finally able to get in an IV and don't have to do a central line! Small victories!

  11. Happy Heart Day! Glad for all the kids in my life to go back to school, from little ones to teens to those big college kids!

  12. Happy Heart Day Ellie! I love thinking back to those PT days when you worked so hard in preparation for the surgery. I'm glad your heart is as strong as your personality :) Love, Ms. Megan

  13. So proud of you Ellie! Happy Heart Day!

  14. Happy Heart Day! Right now I am so thankful for the move we did earlier in the year and for everything in our family is finally falling into a great rhythm.

  15. Happy Heart Day Ellie!! Something great happening in my/our lives right now is that our daughter is making huge gains in her reading abilities! Something that's been very frustrating for this mama!!

  16. Happy Heart Day Ellie!! Something good...Bella has had a gross motor skill explosion this summer (love the pool - it has done wonders!!!) and she's now doing a one-hour pre-pre-school class on Mondays that she really loves.

  17. Happy 2nd Heart Day, Ellie! You are truly an a inspiration to so many! Also, hoping that you (an mommy and daddy) have the most wonderful school year ever! My Ellie starts preschool with the Early Intervention program next week. We are so very excited!!!

  18. You all endured so much. So glad your baby is healthy and happy. Going well for me: my new job , successful move and also enjoying my 12 month old son so much. He is an absolute joy. Just loving parenthood even though its challenging to balance everything.


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