Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Call to Action.

Having a child with Down syndrome wasn't something I went into willingly.  Now don't get me wrong, I love Ellie more than words can express, but I didn't get a positive pregnancy test and think, "I really hope this baby has an extra chromosome!"

I grew into being a "Down syndrome mommy."

Not everyone enters the Down syndrome parenting world this way.  Some are more surprised than we are, when their child is born with an extra chromosome and they find out that day.  Some kids aren't diagnosed for months.

And then, there are the rare people who begin their parenting journey by adopting a child with special needs from half a world away.  Then they are willing to sacrifice something precious to do it again.

Would you give up your engagement ring to get to your child?

I assume so.

Our friend and the woman who watches Ellie while we work posted this on her Facebook page today.

Please help her family out here. (Scroll down to Louisa, or check the link in my sidebar.) Or give here.  Kelly is willing to sacrifice one of her most prized belongings to get her girl home.


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