Friday, August 23, 2013

All That's Left. {3-21 Blog Hop}

We interrupt your regularly scheduled vacation photo post to bring you a little update.

On the twenty-first of each month this summer, my friend Meriah has hosted a Blog Hop.  This month, my entry is a bit different.

One truth: Kids with Down syndrome in Eastern Europe aren't treated very well.  Many families give their children up, and if not adopted by age four, many of those children will be transferred to institutions.  My friends Kyle and Kelly are with their baby girl, Louisa right now.  Louisa lives in an orphanage in Eastern Europe.

They've spend huge amounts of their own money to pay for adoption expenses for Louisa and their five year old daughter, Charlotte, who came home from Russia when she was four.

Oh, and both girls have Down syndrome.  And Kyle and Kelly decided to start their family by adopting these girls with special needs.

One photo: This is why they are willing to give anything for their girls:

That face.  Isn't she a doll?  In her country, she'd eventually be sent to an institution.  I think she deserves better.

Kyle and Kelly have about $3800 left to raise.

That's two people giving $500.

Ten people giving $100.

Twenty people giving $50.

Thirty people giving $20.

And twenty people giving $10.


It's 380 people giving $10.


It's 190 people giving $20.

It doesn't sound like much, right?

One tip: You can help them get there.  Why does it matter?  Because Kelly is my friend.  And she is Ellie's caregiver while I'm at work.  Because her girls will be Ellie's lifelong friends.  (Charlotte's backpack is currently at our house.  Ellie points to it and excitedly says, "Chawlie!")  Let's help them get fully funded before they return to the States.  They have to make a second trip to pick up their daughter because of mandatory waiting periods.  Last minute flights to Eastern Europe aren't cheap.

You can give here.  Or here.

PS. Stay tuned for a GIVEAWAY on Sunday morning!
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  1. I am so poor this summer after carting the kids here and there and everywhere. I wish I could help. I will pray and pray though. Praying for these sweet babies and this lovely little family.

    1. You know that your prayers are JUST as important! So good for them to meet Louisa, but now they have to wait and they are away from their older daughter. So keep on praying!

  2. Oooh, great truth and tip, Megan. Can't wait to see that baby girl!!!


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