Friday, July 26, 2013

Toddlers with Down Syndrome.

Toddlers with Down syndrome are still, first and foremost, toddlers.

For those who read this blog because you have a new baby with Down syndrome, and you are seeking comfort and cuteness, I can offer cuteness only.

Things that have happened in the past few days:

Ellie found a paintbrush and showed me, asking "paint, paint?"  We busted out the fingerpaints and a couple brushes.  Ellie painted a little bit of paper and a lot of her face.

When cleaning Ellie up from said fingerpainting, I paused to rinse out the washcloth I was using.  She took those 15 seconds to disassemble her little potty, grab the inset, open the big potty, and use the potty inset as a scooper to get toilet water all over the bathroom/her mother/herself.

Ellie removed a box of Cheerios from the counter, emptied the box, and ate the Cheerios.  After I got rid of the box, she took it out of the recycling.

Ellie demanded ice cream when we went to the store to get her medicine.  When I caved because I also wanted frozen yogurt (go ahead, judge my parenting), Ellie "forgot" how to use a spoon and requested that I feed her.  After she ate most of her yogurt, she was willing to use the spoon again.

At a wine tasting, Ellie grabbed my final sample plastic "glass" of wine and threw it on the ground.  And on my leg.  I walked home smelling like wine I didn't even get to enjoy.

The Honest Toddler followed me on Twitter.  Seriously.

I need to get my DSLR out and update with some photos.  I've been a slacker with pictures, and I need to set aside some time with my camera.  In the meantime, enjoy some Instagram photos.

Have a wonderful weekend!
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