Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I Wonder....

In teaching reading comprehension strategies, as I teacher, I model "wonderings."

"I wonder if seahorses have any predators..."
"I wonder if the character acted that way because he was scared/happy/angry/sad.."
"I wonder what would happen if..."

In the world of parenting a child with Down syndrome, I have wonderings as well.

I have a question for you...

I wonder if a greater understanding of congenital heart defects in children with Down syndrome could help us find a way to determine the cause of CHDs....  Is there something that can be done to help reduce the odds of CHD in pregnancy?  At this point, CHDs "just happen," but they happen to half of kids with DS.  No one knows why.  Same thing for duodenal atresia, although less common.

Right after Ellie's first "Heart Day" - a celebration of one year past OHS.  Her second Heart Day is almost here!

I wonder what teaching techniques are most effective...  DSE International is hard at work on this one, and I anxiously await each research paper they produce.  Nerdy?  You bet.  But what causes a group of people with the same genetic condition to have a much greater success with visual learning?  And how can we take advantage of that relative strength to ensure our children learn well?

I wonder what the rest of us, those of us without Down syndrome, can learn from our children and family members and neighbors and friends with DS....  Although it's a stereotype that people with Down syndrome are "so loving" and "so happy," 2009 research shows that people over 12 with Down syndrome are happy with their lives at a rate of nearly 100 percent.  Without data in front of me, I can guess with confidence that number is higher in the population with Down syndrome than the typical population.  Why?  For all of the "challenges," what strategies do people with Down syndrome use to live happy lives?  After all, we all want happy lives for our children.

Just don't go around claiming Ellie is always happy.  If you do, I'm happy to let you babysit.

My friend Becca is hosting a blog hop on the topic of DS questions and research.  Check it out.
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  1. GREAT post, Megan!! Thanks for hopping on! I wonder those same things. Hopefully we can all finally manage to unite to get stuff done and find some answers. :-)


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