Monday, July 1, 2013

Family Love.

I love my family.

No one in our family lives particularly close by, but we've had lots of family time lately.

My cousin and her boyfriend attended his family reunion near here, and they came to visit for a few days, along with his niece and nephew.

Then, my second cousin (? - whoever my mom's cousin's son is in relation to me) graduated from high school, and we all got together in upstate New York to celebrate.

I love how they embrace Ellie.  I love that my great aunt gave money to our local DS group for Ellie's first Christmas.

I love that my family is hilarious.  Seriously.  Go hang out with them.  My mom and my aunts start dance parties.

I love that when we had an exciting visit to the ER (long story, and Ellie is fine), they brought us dinner when we realized no dinner options existed.

Thanks everyone for a great weekend.  We love you.

And here it is, all in TONS of photos.

First, the DC family time...

We played with bubbles.

Some of us tried to open them with our teeth.

Butterfly garden at Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. 

Ellie loved the dinosaur bones, the penguin ancestor bones, and basically any skeleton.
Onto New York!  After our ER visit, onto the party for Glen.

Four generations.

Photo by Matt.

The sisters.

We spent the next day exploring an antique shop, eating lunch, and hanging out with Ellie's various "aunts", then having pizza at my cousin's house.

Baby pool at Aunt Kitty's house.

The man of the weekend.

Love this one.

Photo by Aunt Bonnie.

Ellie loved "Doggie!"

Yes, my great aunt was playing ladder ball.  And yes, she can kick my butt.

Landed one on each rung.  Pretty proud.

This had to make the blog.  This was my coozie.  I don't eat red meat.  

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