Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dear Ellie,

When you get big, here are some funny little things I want to remember.

Today, you fell asleep at the pool.  Technically, you fell asleep as I held you and walked around in the big pool.  When we went home, I set you on the pool deck where you folded yourself in half and the other mommies kept an eye on you so I could gather up shoes and towels and pool passes.  That was an hour ago.  We're home now.  You are still asleep on the floor of the living room.

You love your stuffed cat, which you named "Patchy" after Ms. Kelly's cat Patches.  You love Patchy so much that you now name everything Patchy.  Fish has been rechristened "Patchy."  Your baby doll is "Patchy."  The only exception seems to be your stuffed robot from Grammie, which is named "Bo-bot."

When you play at the water table, you reach for a cup, a bucket, or any "scooper" you can find and cup by cup, empty that water table directly onto your belly.

You will not kick your soccer ball.  You chase your soccer ball.  You hug your soccer ball.  You absolutely will not kick it.

Thanks for making me laugh.

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