Sunday, July 21, 2013

Big Girl Adventures: Bye, Crib!

Ellie is very, very flexible.  She's fairly flexible in personality, but I mean the "pretend to talk on the phone using your foot" flexible.

In fact, Ellie is so flexible that she can stand in her crib with her foot on the railing, like a tiny ballerina just waiting to take a tumble.

Since she's almost two and a half and starting school in just over a month, we decided it was time for a toddler bed.  I told Ellie that she was getting a big girl bed.  Daddy took apart the crib and we put the mattress on the floor.  Mommy attempted to Ellie proof the room.  I say "attempted" because I'm sure she'll get into something.

I'm a little worried about Fish the fish, but Ellie and Fish have maintained a decent relationship thus far, so I'm assuming Ellie won't try to start hugging Fish in the middle of the night.

Room rearranging took place Saturday morning.

Note: If you are planning to rearrange your toddler's room, do not search Pinterest for "Toddler girl room."  You will feel like a big jerk unless you design a castle with a slide and a lot of ruffles, tulle, and possibly diamonds.  

Saturday afternoon, we took Ellie to a marathon session of three different parties in three different locations with three different sets of people, ending an hour after bedtime.  On the drive home, she sounded like a faulty record.  She was exhausted and happy and hilarious, randomly yelling "Cow!  Duck!  Woof!  Hahahaha!"

Over an hour after arriving at home, after putting every stuffed animal to bed and then throwing them all, she was asleep on her bedroom floor, next to me, with the nightlight off.  I set her back in her bed on her mattress and switched on the nightlight, and climbed back into bed myself.  Within an hour or two, Matt heard her whimpering and got up to go lay next to her.

First night in a big girl bed?  Kind of a failure, but I think last night would have been a failure whatever the sleeping arrangements since Ellie stayed out so late.

On the plus side, we got to see lots of friends, eat lots of grilled food, and the closet clean out resulted in lots of donations for various charities and mission organizations.

Here's to a better night's sleep tonight!

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  1. My daughter did not sleep through the night UNTIL we finally caved and bought her a big girl bed. I'm embarrassed to say it, but she was almost three! We had moved and she was small and loved her crib (or so we thought), but maybe the problem all along was the bed. My in-laws found the bed at was a low to the ground platform. It worked really well for her. Keep us posted. Ellie is just so cute. I think I've told you before in these comments, reading about her adventures just makes my day and always puts a smile on my face. I'd love to hear about her school too, in the future!

  2. I loved reading this. I avoid Pinterest like the plague for the same reason! Hope tonight goes a little better. But then again, if it isn't, not to worry either. ;)

  3. How have the subsequent nights been? Gotta laugh about the Pinterest thing. Totally.


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